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Danny was fantastic! We have a high-end dishwasher, and the source of the problem was very difficult to determine. He worked directly with the manufacturer tech support, and followed their advice. When the replacement part they recommended didn't fix the problem, he was right back on the phone with them troubleshooting. When the second fix that was recommended didn't solve the problem, Danny didn't give up. He continued to brainstorm with the manufacturer, and after 3 trips to our house, and 3 different replacement parts, the dishwasher is now working. He was very professional and at the same time friendly. I will call South Bay Appliance anytime I need appliance repairs in the future.

Amy Los Angeles, CA

The ice maker in my side-by-side refrigerator/freezer stopped working. I called South Bay and was given a really prompt service appointment. The technician, Dave, called before he showed up. He was punctual and courteous. The problem was simple: the reset switch for the ice maker needed to be turned off for about one minute. Dave stated that the sensor might be going bad. He looked up the part number and quoted a price for the new sensor and the installation if this happened again. South Bay is honest and fair. I would definitely use South Bay Appliance Service again in the future!

Terrance San Pedro, CA

After securing a cost estimate from another company (that was very high) I called South Bay Appliance who fixed the problem for half of the other estimate. they were responsible and courteous as well as professional.

Rick Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I had an excellent repair experience with South Bay Appliance / Spears Appliance Service. My Bosch cook top had a problem where it would keep sparking/clicking even after the flame was on. Alberto came out and felt it was a pretty straight forward problem that he could fix in a day by replacing the spark module, a reasonable assumption. He quoted me a not to exceed price based on this diagnosis. As it turned out, my problem was one of those odd ball cases. Alberto and Dan ended up making eight house visits before the problem was isolated (and believe me, it wasn't for lack of trying). The problem was with a pair of bad diodes you would have never thought about. When they told me the cause, I could hardly believe it. Who these days even bothers to test and solder in new diodes? In the era of disposable electronics, if the problem isn't a replaceable module, you are simply out of luck.

And talk about persistence. Spears never gave up, even after Bosch tech support had thrown in the towel. Dave Spears, the owner, even personally worked on the cook top himself. Talk about dedication to your customers. Any other company would have given up by the 2nd visit and chalked it up to being a lemon. During this entire time, Spears never complained, grumbled, or asked for more money because of the unanticipated hours and visits. All I heard was a lot of reassurance that they would get to the bottom of it. And when I received the final invoice, the total due was LESS than the original estimate. I am so impressed with the honesty and professionalism of the whole Spears / South Bay team. I have never worked with a more upstanding group of repair people. This is the only company I will call in the future for my appliance service needs.

David Rolling Hills Estate, CA

Ike, the service man, was very professional and care full with a very heavy double gas oven. He had to pull it out from the wall. I felt the price was fair because he had to remove two oven doors good in light of the heavy work, pull out the oven, install the ignitors, restore the oven to the wall, and test thus work.

William Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

South Bay repaired my ancient maytag washer. They sell washers and dryers but told me not to buy one yet, claiming the old machines that with all metal parks surpass new machines. The part was expensive and had to be ordered. The price of the part, and the time to install it were exactly the same as an estimate given to me by an independent man I often use, but was not available at that time. The wash cycle began but stopped agitating shortly thereafter. then it would only soak the clothes. I had this problem before, but it was intermittent, so I already had a diagnosis from my regular repairman. My repairman was booked up, so I called South Bay.

The South Bay repairman came in, I described the problem, he looked at the machine for less than 2 minutes, spinning the dials. He gave me the same answer my repairman had given me. He gave me the same explanations, estimated costs, time line. South Bay also sells new appliances, but when I asked if I should buy a new machine, he said no, that I should fix this one as long as it did a good job, and repair costs were not excessive. South Bay ordered the part, it came in at the cost quoted, it was delivered and installed at the cost quoted. Best of all, the fellow worked quickly but carefully, was competent, honest, and on top of all that, he had a great sense of humor. They get my highest possible rating.

Sandra Redondo Beach, CA

The company very cheerfully allowed me to adjust my schedule window twice, even though it was the day prior. The repairman was on time (had a great sense of humor) & repaired the burner. In addition, he checked out a minor problem I'd been having w/ the oven & made recommendations at no extra charge. He also made several recommendations concerning the cook top to help me avoid future repair calls.

Sheridon San Pedro, CA

Repaired jammed ice dispenser on ice maker system for Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator Service company was prompt in answering my call and taking the required information. They called as promised the next day with a 3-hour window for the tech to report. Tech reported as promised, worked quietly and professionally and restored the jammed ice dispenser to operation. He also advised on how to mitigate this in future (don't leave freezer door open, regularly run ice through the dispenser). Very thorough, neat and professional. I will definitely use them again and refer them to others.

David Redondo Beach, CA

I had a dishwasher that was malfunctioning by leaving water in the bottom of it. The tech from Spears quickly diagnosed the problem which would require the replacement of 2 parts. We determined it was not worth fixing based on the cost in comparison to buying a new machine. I've used Spears a few times over the last few years, and every tech has seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. Sometimes fixing the problem has been cost effective, and sometimes it has not been as in this instance.

Kurt Torrance, CA

The repair was for my dishwasher. The door would not close and latch. I called on Friday and was scheduled on Saturday. The person on the phone was pleasant and efficient. The repair person called in the morning to let me know when he would arrive. He was on time, and the work was done to my satisfaction. I graded "B" in the price only because I have no basis for comparison, it seemed reasonable to me and much less than a new dishwasher. The repair person also gave me some tips to keep the dishwasher working well. I'm very satisfied, and have already recommended them to a friend who has a broken dishwasher. I would definitely use their service again. No complaints or issues.

Jane Torrance, CA

Our built in refrigerator was intermittently shutting off and making a ping sound. It would not keep the temperature low enough. The service technician came out looked at it and diagnosed the problem quickly. He knew exactly what was needed to fix it and gave me an estimate right away. He was able to order the part immediately and came back 1 week later with the ordered part and fixed it. The service technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. He called me at work when he was 1/2 hour away so that I could leave and meet him at our home. I really appreciated the call rather than having to wait at home for 2 hours. I was back at work in an hour. The whole experience was very pleasant and I would highly recommend this company to everyone I know.

Michael Redondo Beach, CA

Great customer service Randy is very knowledgeable about all appliances I recommend this place to everyone.

I use their repair service and new appliances, dishwashers and stoves. Clint and Vincent are awesome!! They always take the time to answer all of my questions and even compare prices, in the 3 years I've utilized the services they offer I have never had an issue. When I need service ASAP they will call me and let me know someone cancelled & don't forget like other business lol


Great service great people. Saved me money and got my part faster than expected. Have been using them for 10 years and never a bad experience.

Staff are friendly and accommodating.

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